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XDC Blockchain Snapshot for Rapid Node Deployment

Main Benefits of Obtaining the Latest Chain Snapshot from Us

What is Included

30 days of access to download the daily release of our XDC chain snapshot (to max 2 IP addresses). The 30-day access period begins upon purchase.

How to Purchase

We are working on implementing purchase automation.

For now, to obtain download access:

The command will appear something like this example one:

Example: sudo wget -c -O xdcchain.xyz_snapshot.tar ""

How to Access and Use Your Snapshot

  1. Connect to your node in Terminal via SSH
  2. Navigate to the mainnet directory:
    cd ~/XinFin-Node/mainnet
  3. Shutdown your XDC client:
    sudo docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml down
  4. Delete any old copies of the chain snapshot:
    sudo rm -rf xdcchain.xyz_snapshot.tar
  5. Copy and paste the command you purchased into your terminal and press enter. Note: The FIRST time you access your unique command from any new IP address, the download will be REJECTED but our servers will register the IP address you just connected from. After 8 seconds, run the command again from the same server (with the same IP address) and the download will commence:
    Example: sudo wget -O xdcchain.xyz_snapshot.tar ""
  6. Decompress the downloaded chain snapshot:
    sudo tar -xvzf xdcchain.xyz_snapshot.tar
  7. Delete the existing chain database files:
    sudo rm -rf xdcchain/XDC
  8. Move the new chain snapshot files to the correct location:
    sudo mv XDC xdcchain/XDC
  9. Restart your XDC client:
    sudo docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d
  10. Wait 10 minutes and then check your node's status on or
  11. If all is functioning as expected and you want to clear a few hundred GB of drivespace to allow for growth of the chain, you can consider deleting the .tar file:
    sudo rm -rf xdcchain.xyz_snapshot.tar

If you are running an older version of the XDC Client, you can find instructions here on how to upgrade your XDC Client before using this snapshot.

Important Notes

The chain snapshot file on our server is updated once per day at 2300hrs AEST. The update occurs instantly and any downloads in progress at the time will need to be restarted.

One-to-one support and remote node upgrades may be possible on a commercial basis. Contact to enquire.

Enterprise and Commercial

Bulk IP access and extended access durations are available. Please reach out to us at

Alternative Chain Access

If you prefer not to use our commercial solution, other free options include:

We look forward to welcoming you to the XDC infrastructure community!

- @s4njk4n