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XDC PublicNexus

PublicNexus RPC/WSS Access Points

We are excited to introduce the XDC PublicNexus, a groundbreaking solution designed to enhance global public RPC/WSS access on the XDC network. PublicNexus acts as a RPC/WSS Layer 2 Stable Access Point with integrated health-checks, ensuring reliable access by dynamically managing public RPC/WSS endpoints.

PublicNexus - Access Details

To start using PublicNexus, configure your wallet (e.g., MetaMask, XDCPay) or application with the following settings:

XDC Mainnet Standard RPC

XDC Mainnet 0x-enabled RPC

XDC Mainnet Standard WSS

XDC Mainnet 0x-enabled WSS

Apothem Testnet Standard RPC

Apothem Testnet 0x-enabled RPC

Apothem Testnet Standard WSS

Apothem Testnet 0x-enabled WSS

Upcoming additions:

Mainnet and Apothem RPC/WSS Archive Node support

Enterprise and Commercial

We can provide private reliable fault-tolerant high-speed RPC clusters with a single access point. Please reach out to us at

Technical Information

For users wanting technical information on how Public Nexus works and how to deploy their own version, please refer to the following resources: